About Sundance

Beginning in 1978, the Sundance Housing Co-operative became a reality. During the next 39 years Sundance developed into a strong and financially secure community. 

Three projects are governed by Sundance: Sundance Main (59 townhouses including three wheelchair accessible units), Sundance Expansion (three duplexes and one fourplex) & Sundance Place (nine apartments for members 55 and older).

As a community, Sundance recognizes and strives to realize International Co-operative values of self-help, self-responsibility, equality and solidarity, as well as principles of:

     Member Participation
     Voluntary and Open Membership
     Democratic Member Control
     Autonomy and Independence
     Education, Training and Information
     Co-operation among Co-operatives
     Concern for Community

Sundance founders were inspired by a vision of sensible and affordable housing, environmental responsibility, and a nurturing community for its members. That vision lives on today.